Tango Wellness Motivator review: Easy fitness tracking paired with insane battery life

Tango Wellness Motivator review: Easy fitness tracking paired with insane battery life
<p>* Incredible battery life<br>* Attractive design<br>* Ease of use</p>

Among the numerous resolutions that we all make at the start of every New Year, getting fit is probably the most common. In case you too are among those who made a similar resolution this New Year, here’s help to ensure that you stick to your resolution. The newly-launched Tango Wellness Motivator just might be what you need to find the motivation (pun intended) to do it.

A product of Finland-based Health Care Success (HCS) Ltd, which recently made its foray into the Indian market, Tango Wellness Motivator comes with all-day fitness tracking functionality and is CE certified. Wonder how good buy the device is at its price tag of Rs 4,990?


Read on my review Tango Wellness Motivator to find out.

Design and build quality
Sporting a straightforward yet elegant design, Tango’s Wellness Motivator is one of the better-looking fitness trackers that I’ve come across. The top of the tracker module has a Black-coloured translucent panel that slightly curves on the sides, hiding a small LCD panel underneath. On the right, there’s a rubbery button which can be pressed to cycle between the data shown on the display. Alternatively, you can also double-tap on the display itself to cycle between different modes.The underside of the Wellness Motivator is largely bare, except for two small metallic pogo contacts that make contact with the pins on the clip-on charger to juice up the tracker. The two halves of the wrist strap are fastened to the tracker module by screws and thus can’t be removed (easily). The strap itself is quite flexible yet sturdy and has two small plastic fastening pegs that go into successive holes, ensuring that the tracker is held securely around your wrist. Even when worn for long stretches of time, the strap doesn’t cause any itching or irritation to the skin, which is really good.

As for the LCD panel, I found it to be pretty great. Even though it’s small, the big numbers and icons make reading the displayed information a walk in the park. The display is quite bright too, and is easily legible under direct sunlight.

Tracking performance and companion app

Tango Wellness Motivator works in tandem with Act2Fit companion app, syncing all the logged fitness metrics with the app over Bluetooth. Pairing the tracker with the smartphone is a simple affair. However, the Wellness Motivator doesn’t sync to the app automatically. When Act2Fit is launched (with Bluetooth turned on), you have to keep the singular button on the tracker pressed for a few seconds to initiate synchronization.

The app itself is divided into four subsections, which can be cycled through by swiping to the left or right. These are as follows:

  • Activity: The default landing section. It shows a summary of your daily fitness numbers like step count, total exercise time, calories burned and distance travelled.
  • History: This is where a list of your daily fitness data synchronized to Act2Fit is kept, ordered by date.
  • Sleep: Displays the overall quality of your sleep in a graphical format.
  • Setup: Under this subsection, you can specify details about your personal health profile, such as gender, age, height and weight. You can also configure daily step goal, stride length and other details here. Once done, hit the update button.
Even though the Act2Fit app is pretty simple and straightforward, it has a pretty bland UI that looks extremely dated. Moreover, Act2Fit doesn’t even have an option to create an online account to which you can synchronize your logged fitness data. All the data is saved just on the smartphone. I found this to be the biggest sore points of Tango Wellness Motivator.

What’s even weirder is that every time the tracker synchronizes with the app, a screenshot of the app (with the most recent synchronized data) is saved in the smartphone’s gallery. If this is how Tango Wellness Motivator’s Act2Fit companion app saves fitness data, it’s quite baffling.

As far as the actual tracking performance is concerned, Tango Wellness Motivator worked as intended during my time with it. Step tracking and automatic exercise timer are quite good, although not always fully accurate.

Coming to the battery life, this is where the Tango Wellness Motivator shines exceptionally. The device can easily last almost a month on a single charge, which is quite impressive.


 Tango Wellness Motivator is a solid fitness tracker that gets all the basics nearly right. But HCS’ offering also has its fair share of downers, such as non-availability of cloud-based data synchronization and a sub-par app experience. All in all, if you can put up with these issues and want a fitness tracking solution that’ll last you for days on a single charge, go for Tango Wellness Motivator.
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