OnePlus to stick with online only strategy, in December will host dash sale selling gadgets for Rs 1

OnePlus to stick with online only strategy, in December will host dash sale selling gadgets for Rs 1


OnePlus, the Chinese smartphone maker which recently launched the new OnePlus 3T in India, has plans of focusing on an online-only sales strategy only. It has decided against following the footsteps of its other Chinese counterparts like Xiaomi and LeEco, which are targeting mixed strategies to pack more volumes.


“We did think about it, but then we decided that with Amazon we have such a good partnership that it makes sense to continue. The alignment, the synergies we have, the complementary strengths we have, I think Amazon is the best partner for us,” told Vikas Agarwal in an interview with Gizmodo India.

“The kind of long term approach that Amazon has that works well with OnePlus. When you are having a short term approach that’s when you start looking at opportunistic gains by diversifying into different channels by going offline or trying out multiple strategies,” he said.

“But when you have a long terms approach and your interests are aligned you look at what is best for the company and the partnership for a long term perspective,” he further added pointing towards a strategy where it would stay focused on online e-commerce platforms and a singular partner in Amazon India.

Agarwal feels that OnePlus has the perfect partner in Amazon India. “ Our fates are tied and we are committed to each other,” he said.

An India focus
The company also intends to focus on India and is looking at increasing the local production progressively, while keeping up with the forecast that points to a fact that India’s manufacturing magnitude could attain global levels in an approximate time of five years or so.

OnePlus 3T is an upgraded version of the OnePlus 3 that was launched almost six months ago. The company has plans of manufacturing it in India, starting the next quarter. It will be manufacturing the 64GB variant of the phone in India from January onwards.

OnePlus had apparently done the same last year, as it tied up with Foxconn to make the OnePlus X in India, but called it off since there was a high production cost that was due to low efficiency in comparison to what it could do back in China.

Post that, the company decided not to focus on lower segment devices and shifted their spotlight to the premium segment smartphone business which has been the company’s strong point.

On the launch event held in India, Vikas Agrawal also explained why the OnePlus 3T was launched only 6 months after the launch of the original phone in India.

“The main reason to launch the OnePlus 3T in India was to ensure that everyone gets all the software updates out by the company that could be availed by a product that backed the best hardware in the market,” he said.

OnePlus Dash sale in December
Following the Diwali festival OnePlus hosted for its fans where it gave out its gadgets for a mere Rs 1, now it is coming back with the Dash sale in December which begins just before the OnePlus 3T goes on sale in India.

The dash festival will start on December 9, 16, 23 and 30 starting at 12 in the noon, going on till 6PM in the evening. Apart from all OnePlus accessories, consumers will also be able to buy even the new OnePlus 3T for just Rs 1.

To register users will need a OnePlus account, get their mobile phone number verified, fill in their address and provide their card details. People will also need to share the event on their respective social media channels and thereafter complete the registration process.

Once that is done, registered users will earn points for every user who signs up through their shared link. To buy the OnePlus 3T 128GB version, users will have earn 300 points and then pay Rs 1 within 3 hours.

The Chinese company is also hosting a competition for a weekly prize where the registered user would stand to win a 64GB OnePlus 3T. Winners will be randomly chosen every Saturday of December and they will be notified through an email. For registrations you should head here.

The OnePlus 3T is slated to go on sale in India on December 14 on Amazon India for a starting price of Rs 29,999 for the 64GB model and Rs 34,999 for the 128GB model of the phone. Amazon Prime users will get access to the phone two days earlier on December 12.

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