Predictions on the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday iPhone and Apple Watch deals

Predictions on the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday iPhone and Apple Watch deals

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday – the biggest in-store and online shopping days of the year – are almost upon us. Falling on 25 and 28 November, they give deal-savvy shoppers the chance to snap up tech, electricals, clothes, homewares, and Christmas gifts at lower prices.


Although last year Apple didn’t discount its products on Black Friday or Cyber Monday – as part of its mission to be “good to… employees” – shoppers were still able to snap up deals through other retailers. Which is just as well, as many of us can only afford a shiny new upgrade when the prices are slashed.

What iPhone deals can we expect this year?

It’s still a little early to tell what discounts will be out there this year, but we can guess what’s in store based on 2015’s offers. If you’re considering splashing out on the latest iPhone 7, read the Telegraph’s review first.

Carphone Warehouse

As well as selling an iPhone contract every three seconds last year, the mobile phone retaileralso slashed the prices off loads of their network-specific offers. They knocked £33 off their £50-per-month Vodafone iPhone 5S offer, £17.51 off their £50-per-month EE iPhone 6 offer, and gave out the iPhone 6  for free with their £28.50-per-month O2 offer.

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Giff Gaff

On a monthly contracts over 24 months, Giff Gaff reduced the Apple iPhone 5S 16GB price from £329 to £299 (with customers paying £13.69 monthly). They also lowered the Apple iPhone 5S 32GB price from £399 to £379 (with customers paying £17.36 monthly).

And for Apple Watches?

Last year the coveted Apple Watch was on sale at John Lewis for £399, Amazon for £309.99, and KRCSfor £896.02. This year the second Apple Watch came out, so with a newer model on the market, there could well be discounts on the original.

The 2016 model has upgraded GPS connectivity, is 50 per cent faster and has an improved battery though, so fingers crossed that one is on offer too. It’s also swim-proof. The watches are available in aluminium, gold and stainless steel as well as a ceramic material. The pearl-like shiny case is four times stronger than stainless steel.

New colored woven nylon bands for the Apple Watch
Be in the know

To catch the best iPhone deals, follow retailers like Carphone Warehouse, Giff Gaff, Amazon and Argos over Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Make sure you’ve subscribed to Amazon’s and Argos’ Facebook and Twitter pages to get up-to-date information on all the latest deals – and Amazon also recommend signing up for their Prime service to get exclusive early access to certain deals.

And, just in case Apple do decide to surprise us this year and join in on the event, get subscribed to the Apple Twitter and Facebook pages to be the first to know.

Plus, find out more about all the deals out there by heading to our other Black Friday pages – where we’ve laid out all the best offers for you – and our Telegraph Promotions Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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